49. A Day Out on the Beach (A)


Maria was now engaged to Mike. The days following the night Mike asked Maria to marry him were filled with happiness. The vey next day Mike and Maria were so overjoyed that they decided to take a trip to the beach. They came to the decision when they woke up in the morning to find a beautiful day waiting for them outside.

Maria told Mike to look up the forecast on the computer to find out what the weather would be like for the rest day. "Good idea," Mike replied, and opened up his laptop to search for that day's forecast. It was going to be a typical perfect California day. "The weather will be perfect for a day out on the beach," Mike contently said with a smile. Maria was glad to hear this and asked Mike if they should bring any food to the beach.

Mike told Maria that it would be a good idea to bring some snacks. Mike and Maria started to get ready for a day out on the beach. After they were ready, Mike and Maria got in the car and drove to the market to get some snacks. "What kind of snack should we get?" Mike asked Maria. "Leave it to me. I know just the right kind of snacks to buy," replied Maria as she got out of the car, telling Mike to stay in the car.

Minutes later, Maria comes back with a variety of different fruits. Mike opens the door for her and they drive away to the beach. Mike and Maria arrive and find a spot near the ocean to lay out chairs and an umbrella. They sit under the shade and Maria begins to cut the fruit. When Maria finishes cutting the different fruits into little pieces, a friendly surfer approaches her and Mike.


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