53. Stuck in Traffic (A)

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It was a Saturday afternoon. Tonight was a big night for Mike and Maria who were at home getting ready to go out. They had been invited on a double date with another couple. Mike and Maria had never been on a double date but were excited to do it. The date was to take place at a restaurant somewhere in downtown Los Angeles. Just a half-hour drive, the restaurant wasn't located too far from home.

Mike put on his nicest shirt and pants. Maria dressed in a navy-blue dress. "How do I look?" she eagerly asked Mike. "You look like a million dollars," Mike replied with a smile. It has been three years since Mike had first fallen in love with Maria. His love for her was still as apparent as ever. Maria's love for Mike was also unchanged. The two left within the hour and met with the other couple at the restaurant.

It seemed like a pleasant affair filled with laughter and joy. Each couple took turns telling their funny relationship stories. Mike told of the time Maria got locked out of the apartment and had to jump in through the window to get inside, breaking a vase in the process. Maria then shared the time when Mike fell out of bed while sleeping.

After an hour or so, the date ended. Mike and Maria said goodbye to their friends and went on their way back home. Mike entered the freeway and was surprised when he ran into traffic. Fifteen minutes later Mike had hardly moved at all from where he had started. The cars ahead seemed like they stretched for miles. This was L.A., and Mike and Maria were stuck in traffic.

53. Stuck in Traffic (B)