60. Planning a Wedding (A)

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It was a day like no other. Mike and Maria were making preparations for their wedding. Although they were tired after coming back from a trip to San Diego, they had no time to waste. Their wedding was to take place next month, and Mike and Maria aimed to make it the best wedding they could manage. The future husband and wife sat down at the kitchen table and began to plan.

Maria was the first to speak. "First of all, I think we should set a budget," she said to Mike. Mike, about to say something, coughed a couple of times before getting up to serve himself a glass of water. Looking pensive, he looked back at Maria who was waiting for a response. "Yes, we should set a reasonable budget," he finally replied. After an hour of deliberation, Mike and Maria had set the date, settled on a location, and began working on the guest list. Based on the budget they had set for themselves, the number of guests totaled nearly one hundred.

Next, they decided on wedding invitations. Maria grabbed her laptop and searched for printers that could make their invitations. She soon found the right printer and made an appointment to go there and share ideas about creating the perfect wedding invitation. Mike and Maria had decided to get married at their local church. The building was large enough to accommodate their guests and would serve as beautiful setting for the bride and groom's wedding ceremony.

It was a lovely little Christian church in the heart of Pasadena. Mike had already discussed some of the arrangements with the church, but he still needed to secure the date for the wedding and did so. A few hours passed. "What's next on the list, Mike?" asked Maria, who by now was beginning to feel weary. "Let's see. The food, the flowers, the photography, and then ...," Maria interrupted Mike before he could say anything else.

60. Planning a Wedding (B)