60. Planning a Wedding (B)

Maria: Mike! Why don't we do ourselves a favor and just hire a wedding planner to help us?

Mike: A wedding planner? Honey, we got this.

Maria: I think a wedding planner will not only make this process a whole lot easier, but it will make the actual wedding a much nicer occasion. Don't you think?

Mike: But we were doing so well. Are you sure this is what you want?

Maria: I'm sure that if an experienced wedding planner were here helping us, we'd be doing way better.

Mike: Well, if that's what you really think, then let's hire one.

Maria: Thank you, Mike! You won't regret it.

Mike: Do you have one in mind already?

Maria: Actually, yes. My friend from the university got married last year, and she said she had the best wedding planner in California.

Mike: Will this wedding planner fit in our budget?

Maria: I think we can make some arrangements so that he will.

Mike: It's your wedding.

Maria: Don't say that! It's your wedding, too, silly. Just trust me on this, Mike.

Mike: You know I always do. And I'm smart enough to know whose wedding this really is!

(Later that night, Mike and Maria lie in bed exhausted from everything.)

Mike: Have you decided on where you want to spend our honeymoon, or do you want to hire a honeymoon planner to help us with that, too?

Maria: That's not funny. And yes, I have a few places in mind.

Mike: Me, too. What are they?

Maria: My first choice is Paris, the most romantic city on earth.

Mike: Let's have it here in America, for the sake of our budget.

Maria: You're no fun. I'll have to think about that one.

Mike: I was thinking about Maui.

Maria: Hmmm. That sounds nice. Yes, beautiful beaches, tropical breezes... Hawaii would fun.

Mike: And more affordable! I guess we're settled, then. Aloha, Maui!