61. Wedding Day (A)


The day started out like any other. The sun rose to the east, shining its light over the city of Pasadena where Mike and Maria where to get married later that same day. Mike and Maria awoke from their slumber, looking at each other with love and joy. They knew what today was, and were expecting it to be the best in their lives."

Are you ready for today?" Maria asked Mike who was still gazing into her eyes. Mike smiled and reached out with his hand to caress his lover's face. "I was born to be ready for this day," he kindly said. He got out of bed, told Maria of his plans before he went to the church, and jumped in the shower. Maria knew what she had to do. But before she could leave the apartment she also had to shower and eat breakfast. Mike finished showering shortly and went to the kitchen to fix something to eat, but not before kissing Maria on the cheek as she stepped inside the restroom.

"I love you," he said to her. Maria mouthed the same words back to him and smiled. Mike decided to make breakfast for two. Maria soon joined Mike in the kitchen to eat. They enjoyed a casual conversation about ordinary things, well aware of the unordinary day it was for them. Maria and Mike finished their breakfast and said their goodbyes to each other. They weren't to see each other until the wedding. "I'll see you later," Maria said to Mike as she headed out the door. "Do you promise?" Mike asked her before she could walk out the door.

Maria turned herself around and nodded ever so nicely. The next time Mike would see Maria would be walking down the church's aisle in a wedding dress escorted by her father. The time eventually came when every one Mike and Maria knew, family and friends, gather together to witness their holy matrimony. Mike stood beside his best man and friend, Doug, in front of the seated guest. "Cannon in D" began to play as Maria walked down the aisle, looking as beautiful as ever in her snow white dress. With tears in her she walked up to Mike who was beginning to tear up. They both looked at each other's eyes with love as the priest began to make his speech.


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