46. Buying the Ring (B)


Jeweler: Sir, good evening. Please allow me to help you.
Mike: Hello.
Jeweler: May I ask who I have the pleasure to speak to?
Mike: My name is Mike.
Jeweler: Mike, how are you doing tonight and what brings you by?
Mike: I'm doing just fine, thank you. I'm looking to buy a ring for my soon-to-be fiancÚ.
Jeweler: Did you say a wedding ring? That's great news to hear, Mike, congratulations! Please let me show you what we can offer you.
Mike: Alright, lead the way.
(The jeweler shows Mike many different kinds of wedding rings they have. Mike is amazed at the variety of rings that he is shown. There are so many to pick from and they all look impressive.)
Mike: Do these all cost the same?
Jeweler: These on the right are slightly more expensive than the ones on the left.
Mike: Why is that?
Jeweler: The diamonds are a little bigger.
Mike: Really? I could hardly tell the difference.
Jeweler: She will, I could promise you that.
Mike: Can you give me a minute to think about this.

Jeweler: This is a big decision. Take as much time as you want. I'll be here when you are ready.
(Mike looks at the rings for a good while. After much deliberation, Mike makes up his mind and knows which ring is the right one.)
Mike: I think I know which ring to get now.
Jeweler: I'm glad to hear that. Which one will it be?
Mike: My heart is telling me to go with that one right there.
Jeweler: Are you sure, Mike?
Mike: What do you think of it?
Jeweler: Do you want my honest opinion?
Mike: Yes, please.
Jeweler: I think it's perfect. She is going to love it and cherish it for the rest of her life.
Mike: Thank you for your words. I'll take it.
Jeweler: I'll ring you up over here.
(Mike goes around the counter to pay with credit card.)
Jeweler: Alright you are all set. Thank you and I wish you the best of luck.
Mike: Thank you. You have been so helpful tonight.
(Mike takes the ring and drives back home. He is going to ask Maria to marry him tonight.)


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