47. The Big Question 1 (A)


Mike was ready to ask Maria to take his hand in marriage. He had purchased the ring a few days ago at a jeweler store, and was now waiting for the right moment to ask Maria the big question. The moment had to be perfect for Mike to ask. He thought about it for days on where it should be. Mike considered taking Maria to a park and asking her there. Mike also thought about taking Maria out on a romantic dinner, and asking her there. There were so many possibilities but Mike could not make up his mind.

One morning as Mike was getting up from bed, he thought of just asking her right there and then. Maria was sleeping beside him when he got the idea. Mike quietly rose from bed and went to open his drawers. He reached under his clothes and grabbed the ring he had bought. He walked next to Maria on the bed, and whispered her name. Maria slightly opened her eyes and saw Mike standing over her. Before she could see what Mike was holding in his hands, Mike was overcome with cold feet, and right away hid the ring behind his back to cover it.

"Mike, what are you doing?" Maria asked drowsily. Maria rubbed her eyes so she could see clearer. "Nothing, honey. I was just…looking at how beautiful you look while sleeping," Mike cleverly answered. Maria did not believe what he said and became suspicious. "Why do you have your hands behind your back?" she asked when she noticed Mike's stance.

Mike became nervous and suddenly changed the topic. "Let's go out somewhere special tonight! What do you say, dear?" Mike asked enthusiastically. "Umm, sure," Maria replied. Later that night, Mike and Maria are out driving around town. Mike isn't sure where to take Maria. As Mike ponders as to where to go, Maria sits in the passenger seat asking Mike where they were going. It's a beautiful night in Pasadena, and all the stars were out. The moon was full too.


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