47. The Big Question 1 (B)


Mike: Isn't tonight a beautiful night, Maria? Look at those stars. Look at that moon. It's as full as I've ever seen it.
Maria: Mike, where are you taking me? We've been out driving for the past half hour.
Mike: I'm still thinking. I said somewhere special. What's a special place for you, Maria?
Maria: I don't know. Maybe the beach?
Mike: The beach sounds great!
Maria: But I think it's too cold to go to the beach right now.
Mike: Darn, you're probably right. Think of another place.
Maria: How about the arcade?
Mike: I don't think that place is special enough.
Maria: Why does it have to be so special, Mike? Can't we just go out to a regular place, like the movie theaters?

Mike: No, I'm sorry, Maria. I have my mind made up. We have to go somewhere really special tonight.
Maria: I don't understand, Mike. Why do we have to go somewhere special?
Mike: It's…a surprise for you.
Maria: A surprise? What sort of surprise?
Mike: A good one! One that you'll never forget for the rest of your life.
Maria: Mike. I think I now know why you're doing this.
Mike: No, you don't! It's a surprise.
Maria: Stop the car.
Mike: No, please Maria. Let me take you somewhere special.
Maria: I said stop the car!
(Mike comes to a complete stop.)
Maria: It doesn't matter where you take me.
Mike: But Maria…
Maria: Ask me. Ask me right now…
(Mike looks Maria in the eye and gulps.)
Mike: Will you marry me?
Maria: Yes. Yes, I will.


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