50. Going to the Mall (B)


Maria: Look at how much clothes there is!
Mike: Look at how much they cost.
Maria: I want to buy everything in this store.
Mike: We'd be broke by the end.
Maria: Mike, which shirt do you think complements my figure? This one or this one?
(Maria lifted up two different shirts to her neck to show Mike.)
Mike: Umm, I think they both look good.
Maria: You have to pick one!
Mike: Alright. I like the blue one.
Maria: Really? I like the red one instead.
Mike: That one looks nice as well.
Maria: You don't want to look at any clothes?
Mike: No, I don't think I need any new clothes at the moment.
Maria: Are you sure? They have some nice jeans.

Mike: On second thought. I think I do need some new blue jeans.
Maria: There you go! That's the shopping spirit. I'll go with you to the men's pants section.
(Mike and Maria looked at different brands of jeans. After some thought, Mike got two pairs of blue jeans.)
Mike: Alright, I think this is all that I will buy today.
Maria: I'm going to browse a little more if that's oaky with you.
Mike: Alright. I guess I'll just trail you until you decide to buy something.
Maria: Great! Here, you could hold my bag. This could take a while.


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