51. Going to a Rock Concert (A)

Mike always listened to the radio on his way to work. His favorite radio station often gave away free concert tickets to their listeners. In order to win, callers had to call at a certain time whenever they played a certain song. Mike always tried to win tickets to go see a concert, but he unfortunately never called at the right time. Although he'd never win, Mike never stopped trying to call the station. One morning, his luck was about to change.

The radio station was giving away free concert tickets to go see Mike's favorite rock group, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. All Mike had to do to win the tickets was be the third caller when the radio station played a certain Tom Petty song. Mike had heard the announcement that morning on his way to work. He had his hands-free cell phone ready to make the call when the right song was played.

Mike listened intently to the radio, waiting for the song "American Girl" to play. Suddenly, while he was waiting for a red light, the song "American Girl" began playing over the radio. He knew he had to be the third caller, so he did not call the station instantly. After thirty seconds, he made the call and hoped to be the winner.

"Congratulations, you have won free concert tickets to go see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers this Friday night," a voice said to Mike over the phone. Mike could not believe that he had finally won. The concert tickets arrived at the apartment by express mail the very next day. Mike was so excited when he opened the envelope and held the tickets in his hands. He was so excited, and it was time to tell Maria the big news.

51. Going to a Rock Concert (B)