51. Going to a Rock Concert (B)


Mike: Maria! You will never guess what I won a week ago today.
Maria: What did you win?
Mike: I won two tickets to go see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in concert tonight!
Maria: Are you serious? That's great news! Who are you taking as your guest?
Mike: Who else? You silly!
Maria: Thank you, Mike! That's great to hear. I'm excited!
Mike: We should start getting ready to leave to the concert.
Maria: Good idea.
(Mike and Maria get ready and leave to the concert. They witness a great performance by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The concert ends and a roadie invites audience members backstage to meet Tom Petty. Mike and Maria are two of the lucky people who the roadie chooses to let in. Mike and Maria beaming with excitement come face to face with the legendary Tom Petty.)

Tom: Good evening, you two. I hope you enjoyed the concert.
Mike: Oh, my god. It's such an honor to meet you, Mr. Petty.
Tom: Please call me Tom. Mr. Petty is my father.
Maria: Mr … I mean Tom, me and my fiancée, especially my fiancée, are your biggest admirers.
Mike: It's true! I own all your original records. You've been my musical idol ever since I was teenager.
Tom: Thank you folks. It's always nice to hear from longtime fans. It's people like you that have kept me playing music for all these years.
Maria: Can we get your autograph?
Mike: And possibly a picture?
Tom: Of course!
(Mike, Maria, and Tom share the time together, and create a memorable moment that will not soon be forgotten.)


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