57. Graduation Day (B)

Mike: Wow! You're finally here. You must be thrilled. I know I am. I'm so happy for you.

Maria: I wouldn't be here if wasn't for you.

Mike: What did I do? It really was all for you, Maria.

Maria: No, you don't understand. You supported me with your love and care.

Mike: Save your tears, dear. You're going to ruin your make up.

Maria: I'm sorry. I'm just so emotional right now.

Mike: It's a very special day for you. Come and hug me.

(Mike and Maria hug and hold on to each other for a few precious moments. Maria leaves to join her fellow graduates but not before kissing Mike goodbye. Two hours later the ceremony commences.)

Maria's Peer: Can you believe we're about to graduate?

Maria: I know, it's unbelievable! Congratulations, by the way.

Maria's Peer: Thank you. Same to you.

Maria: I wonder how long the ceremony is going to be?

Maria's Peer: According to the pamphlet, about four hours.

Maria: I'm going to cherish every minute of this event.

Maria's Peer: That's the spirit. So, what are your plans after this?

Maria: I might want to take a short vacation.

(They both laugh.)

Maria: And I plan on earning another degree - in library science.

Maria's Peer: You want to be a librarian? That is so awesome. Best of luck to you.

Maria: How about you?

Maria's Peer: I'm going to apply to Medical School.

Maria: Wow, that's impressive! I'm sure you'll get in.

Maria's Peer: They're calling out our names. Listen!

Maria: It was nice talking to you, by the way.

Maria's Peer: Same here! I'll see you up on stage.

(A man over the speaker phone begins announcing the graduates' names, one at a time. Maria soon hears her name over the speaker and rises to the brightly lit stage to receive her degree. She spots Mike in the audience, smiling and waving at her. She smiles and waves back.)