57. Graduation Day (A)


The big day had finally come. At last Maria was to receive her degree up on a stage at her University. She was excited as she was nervous. Mike tried helping her stage fright by telling her to picture everybody in the audience wearing underwear. "This is no time for jokes Mike. I'm graduating in seven hours," she said sounding scared. "I have to get ready," she said and walked upstairs to change. Mike followed behind to change as well.

Mike got ready within the hour. Maria had only managed to shower within that same hour. "Maria, how much longer are you going to be?" he asked earnestly. "You should know by now that that I require at least three hours to fully get ready," she said back to Mike. Mike told Maria he was stepping out to buy a few things from the store, and that he would return in one hour. Maria had no objection and Mike left to the store. Mike got into his recently repaired car and drove to the flower shop.

He planned on surprising Maria with dozens of flowers on their return to the apartment from the graduation. He paid for the order and delivery, giving specific directions on where and when to leave the flowers. He handed the flower shop owner a copy of the apartment key so that he may enter. Mike took a little longer than he had said. To his surprise Maria was dressed and ready by the time of his return back home.

"How do I look?" Maria asked, sporting a blue elegant gradation robe. "You look like a million dollars," Mike replied and urgently kissed her on the lips. All things were set so Mike and Maria drove off to the university where they arrived a few hours early. For Maria, they had arrived just in time. Maria told her soon-to-be husband to wait in front in the aisle seating. The graduation was taking place inside a spacious auditorium. Mike shared some comforting words to Maria before they parted.


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