56. Days before Graduation Day (B)


Maria: Could you believe I'm graduating already?
Mike: Of course I believe it. I knew you had it in you. Did have any doubts?
Maria: All the time. I guess I underestimated myself. This has been a great year.
Mike: It sure has been. I'm so happy for you honey.
Maria: I'm happy for you. You're finally getting that promotion that you so rightly deserve. You have been working like slave for that company for years.
Mike: Thank you, honey. I'm just glad that I have some one like you to share my life with.
Maria: Mike! That's so sweet of you to say. I love you.
Mike: I love you too. Let's go to sleep before we ruin our sleeping schedule.
Maria: Alright. Goodnight dear.
Mike: Goodnight my love. See you in the morning.

(The following morning comes. Mike decides to perform a romantic gesture by cooking and bringing breakfast to Maria in bed.)
Mike: Rise and shine my love. I made you breakfast. I hope you don't mind eating it in bed.
Maria: You did what? Oh Mike, you didn't have to. Thank you so much.
Mike: Look, I cooked you some eggs, pancakes, and hash browns.
Maria: This smells delicious.
Mike: Wait a minute! I forgot one more thing. I'll be right back.
(Mike returned with a tall glass of orange juice.)
Maria: You are the best Mike. Come here, let me give you a kiss.
Mike: After you eat your food. And brush your teeth too.
Maria: Mike, you jerk!
(Mike and Maria laughed and talked about the Maria's graduation details. It was two days away.)


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