56. Days before Graduation Day (A)

It had been a year since Mike had asked Maria to be his fiancée. Maria was graduating from her university soon, and Mike was due for a promotion at work. It had been a good year for Mike and Maria who enjoyed every minute of being engaged. Mike knew the time to tie the knot was fast approaching, and Maria anticipated the day when she would adopt the last name Smith.

Mike felt the need to wait until after Maria's graduation. Maria had being studying history at the university and was graduating near the top of her class. For four years she had worked hard in her studies, determined to get the best grades she could possibly get. All her hard work was about to pay off. Looking back at it all, Maria felt like her time at school was brief. She couldn't help but to feel a little sad that she would no longer be a history student. She would from now on, however, always be a college graduate with a history degree!

Mike was really proud of Maria. He had bought her an expensive purse as a graduation gift. Maria soon would have to repay the favor the day Mike receives his big promotion at work. He had been with the company for nearly five years. During that time Mike was always the go-to-guy around the office. Known to always go that extra mile, even if it meant staying past five o'clock, Mike was the one who got the job done.

After finally being noticed for his efforts, word had gone around the office that he would soon be promoted to general manager. Just like Maria, Mike's hard work was about to pay off, too. Maria's graduation was now just a couple of days away. Mike and Maria were lying down in bed reminiscing about the past.

56. Days before Graduation Day (B)