79. Her Meow Book


Lulu couldn't find her favorite book Her favorite book was about a cat. The name of the cat was Meow. The name of the book was "How Is Meow?" Lulu asked her mom, "Mommy, where is my Meow book? Where is 'How Is Meow?'" Her mom didn't know. "Where did you leave it? Do you remember where you left it?" Lulu didn't remember. "I don't remember," she said. They looked in the kitchen. They looked in the living room. They looked in the bedroom. They couldn't find her favorite book. That night Lulu got ready for bed. She brushed her teeth. She put on her pajamas. She got into bed. She put her hand under her pillow. She felt something under her pillow. "Mommy," she yelled. "I found my book. I found 'How Is Meow?'" It was under my pillow. Come read it to me, please."

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