6. Horses to Ride

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Laura went to the stable. Four horses stood there. She put a saddle on Star. He was seven years old, big and dark brown. Her sister came out to the stable. They were both going to exercise the horses. It was a warm, sunny day. Janice saddled up Moonbeam, a white mare. They got on the horses and started walking them.

A few minutes later, Laura was telling Janice about the new doctor in her hospital. She raised her hand for a second to make a point. Just then, Star bucked. Laura went flying into the air. She landed on her head and shoulder on the grass.

"Oh, my gosh!" Jan cried. "Laura, are you all right?"

Laura moaned. Jan gently rolled her over. She didn't see any blood. That's good, she thought.

"Can you move? You're not paralyzed anywhere, are you?"

Jan pulled Laura up into a sitting position. Laura slightly moved her legs and arms. She wasn't paralyzed. When she moved her right hand to touch her head, she groaned.

"What's the matter?"

"That hurt. When I moved my arm, it hurt."

They still didn't see any blood. Jan unbuttoned the top buttons on Laura's blouse and looked at Laura's right collarbone.

"Oh, no," she said.

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