6. Diet and Exercise

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Diet and exercise are two of the most important parts of leading a healthy life. There is an old saying in the United States that reads, "You are what you eat." It means that your overall health and appearance are greatly affected by what you eat. If you eat high calorie, fatty foods, then you may suffer from obesity at one time or another. If, however, you eat plenty of green vegetables and little to no fat, your chances of being fit are much better.

Many people are limited in the types of exercise they can do, but almost everyone can walk. A daily walk can help you achieve your healthy living goals. You should plan on walking at least one mile per day. A good pace to walk in is about 18 to 20 minutes per mile. Of course, the more you walk, the better. It takes most people less than 40 minutes to walk two miles, but the benefits of this could last a lifetime. Walking can reduce stress levels, increase stamina, lower blood-sugar levels, and regulate blood pressure. Once you get started walking, you just may like it.

Another benefit of eating right and exercising is that it can lead to a positive outlook in life. Practicing these good habits can make you feel and look better. Your clothes will fit a bit better, and you will sleep better, which will lead to a healthy self-image. A positive self-image can give you more confidence in whatever you do, whether it is at work, in school, or at home. So eat right, exercise daily, and enjoy the benefits.

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