58. The Winner


Victor never won at anything. He played Monopoly. He lost at Monopoly. He played Scrabble. He lost at Scrabble. He played checkers. He lost at checkers. He played chess. He lost at chess. He played tennis. He lost at tennis. His dad told him not to worry. "Someone has to win, and someone has to lose," Dad said. "But I'm always the loser," Victor said. "I'm never the winner." His dad said, "Don't worry. These are games. You are playing games. Games are not important." Victor asked, "What is important? I thought games are important." His dad said that being a good person is important. He said the most important thing is to be a good person. He said that Victor was a good person. Victor was kind. Victor was polite. Victor was friendly. "Thank you, Dad," Victor said. "I am a good person, so I am a winner!"

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