59. A Man with a Gun


Jerry watched gangster movies. He loved gangster movies. Gangsters were cool. They were rich. They had pretty girlfriends. They drove fast cars. They had guns. They shot enemies with their guns. They shot police with their guns They shot each other with their guns. Jerry wasn't rich. He didn't have a pretty girlfriend. He didn't have a fast car. But he had a gun. It was a small gun. It fit into his pocket. He walked around with his gun in his pocket. He liked to walk around with his gun in his pocket. That's what gangsters did. One day Jerry was shopping at Wal-Mart. He put his hand into his pocket. He accidentally pulled the trigger. His gun fired. The bullet went into Jerry's foot. The ambulance came. The police came. The ambulance took Jerry to the hospital. Then the police took Jerry to jail.

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