169. Okay, Thank You


"You forgot to say thank you," said the apartment building manager. "Thank you for what?" Sid asked. "Remember your email?" she asked. He had sent an email about a safety hazard. He had suggested installing a window in the lobby door. Sometimes people leaving the lobby pushed the door open hard. A window would allow people leaving to see people entering. A window would help prevent people leaving from knocking down people entering. Two days later, the door had a new window. "See what quick service we gave you?" she said. Sid wondered why he should be thanking her. Someone who got knocked down could sue the building owner. The owner would have to settle lawsuits. Sid's suggestion would help prevent lawsuits. He was saving them money. By reporting safety hazards, he was actually doing management's job. They should be grateful to him. But he smiled and said, "Thank you."

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