170. It Was Worth It


The phone rang. It was her son. Six years ago she had left her home country. She had sold her business. She wanted her son to get an education in America. She spoke no English. Her son spoke little English. Her friends and family said she was crazy. She moved to America. She put her son in school. School was difficult. He was in remedial English classes. She walked him to school. She hired tutors for him. He hated school. She put her foot down. She made him study. His English improved. His grades improved. He became a good student. He graduated from high school. He went to junior college. He finished junior college. He applied to transfer to a four-year university. "Mom, I got accepted to USC!" he said. "Oh, congratulations!" she said, over and over. She was so proud of her son. She sat down and cried.

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