194. The Engraved Lighter


He was going to move to LA in a month. He was going to start a new life. He was excited. His girlfriend was excited, too. She couldn't wait to go to Disneyland and visit Hollywood. His birthday was a week away. She bought him an expensive cigarette lighter. She got it engraved. The engraving said, "To Ross, with Love, from Trish." On his birthday, she gave him his gift. He opened the box. He looked at the lighter. He loved it. "This is a beautiful lighter," he said. She told him to look on the other side. He turned it over. He saw the engraving. His face changed. "What's the matter?" she asked. He said she shouldn't have spent the extra money to engrave it. A week later he told her the truth. He wanted to break up. He moved to LA without her. He never used the lighter.

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