195. Dig for Rewards


Stuart stood in line in the drugstore. The clerk said, "Next." She asked Stuart for his Rewards card. Stuart had been digging through his wallet looking for it. He finally found it. It was with seven other Rewards cards for seven other stores. Each card was about one-fourth the size of a credit card. Every time he shopped, he had to dig out all the cards to find the one he was looking for. Dig, dig, dig. He was tired of digging. There must be a solution. When he got home, he dug all the little cards out of his wallet. He Scotch-taped them together. He left a small gap between the fourth and fifth cards so he could fold the whole strip over on itself. What a simple solution. He was a genius! He put the strip of cards into his wallet. He couldn't wait to go shopping again.

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