196. He Hears Voices


Pete is schizophrenic. About one percent of people are schizophrenic. Schizophrenia is a mental condition. Its cause is unknown. There is no cure. Drugs can help a person live with the condition. But these drugs have side effects. Schizophrenia usually occurs in a person's teens. The person starts hearing voices in his head. The voices talk constantly. Pete goes to a coffee shop every day. He drinks coffee and smokes cigarettes. He sits at a table by himself. The voices talk to Pete. They talk about this. They talk about that. They talk about the man sitting at the next table. "That man doesn't like you. He wants to fight you," a voice tells Pete. Pete thinks about walking over to the man. He thinks about telling the man to stand up and fight. But Pete knows the voice might be lying to him. He leaves the coffee shop.

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