144. Why He Loves Her

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"Why do I love you?" he asked. "Why do I love you so much? You're smart. But you're not that smart. You're pretty. But you're not that pretty. You're fun to be with. But you're not that much fun." "Oh, really?" she asked. "I'm not that much fun? How much fun are you? Do we ever go out? Do you ever take me dancing? Do you ever take me to night clubs? Do you ever take me to movies? Do you ever take me to dinner? No, no, no. You never take me anywhere! Sometimes you rent a DVD. Then we watch the DVD. You don't even make popcorn! Don't tell me I'm no fun! You're the king of no fun." That's why he loved her. She always had something to say. She had an opinion about everything. She was never predictable. She was always interesting.

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