189. USPS Redelivery (3)

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The USPS phone menu voice answered. Jean said, "Representative." A male representative said hello. "The mailman didn't redeliver my package today," Jean said. "What is the tracking number for your package?" he asked. Jean told him the number. "I can't find that number," he said. "Are you sure that's the right number?" "Yes. USPS gave it to me yesterday," she said. "Did the USPS representative give you a confirmation number?" he asked. Jean said no. "You must get a confirmation number," he said. "No confirmation number, no redelivery. When do you want redelivery?" Jean asked for redelivery on Wednesday. "Okay, you'll get your package tomorrow," he said. "Here's your new tracking number and confirmation number. Remember, you can depend on USPS." Jean felt much better. She had two numbers. The next day the mailman came and went. He didn't redeliver her package. Jean called the 800 number again.

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