190. USPS Redelivery (4)

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Jean talked to a USPS representative. "The mailman didn't redeliver my package today," she said. "This is the second day in a row." The representative said, "He didn't redeliver your package on Tuesday or Wednesday. That's two days in a row. I'm very sorry." Jean said, "Thank you. But I just want my package. When can I get my package?" He said, "I'll schedule another redelivery for tomorrow. I'll give you a new tracking number and a new confirmation number. Also, I will open a case for you. I'll give you the case number. A case number is very serious. A case number makes things happen." The next day the mailman came and went. He didn't redeliver Jean's package. She was not surprised. She picked up the phone. Then she put it down. Why bother, she thought. She didn't call the 800 number. Her package arrived five days later.

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