26. A Day at the Office (A)

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Mike finished his cereal, kissed Maria goodbye, and walked out the door of the apartment. The morning was fresh and cool. The birds were singing in the trees. Mike took a look at what was around him. His front lawn was littered with leaves that had fallen from the nearby trees. Neighbors who lived in front were exiting their driveways in their flashy cars on their way to work.

Some of them waved hello to each other, and others did not bother to. Next door Mike saw Theodore getting his morning newspaper. Theodore spotted Mike from his front porch. "Good morning, Mike!" he yelled with a smile. "Morning, Theo," Mike said. Theodore read Mike's lips and waved goodbye. Mike looked for the newspaper on his lawn. There wasn't any. He heard a bell ring and looked up to see the paper boy riding his bike. The boy tossed the newspaper at Mike, and it landed right in front of his feet. It was a good throw.

Mike picked it up and opened it to see the front cover. It read, "President Promises Free Education for Those Who Can't Afford It". Mike put the newspaper under his arm, got into his car and drove off to work. The trip to work for Mike lasted about forty minutes. He rode on the freeway to arrive faster. There was usually traffic on the freeway. Sometimes the traffic would get really congested. Luckily, Mike had the radio to listen to while stuck in traffic.

His favorite station was Classic Jams 101. Sometimes when he felt like it, he would sing along to his favorite tunes. Mike eventually arrived at the place where he worked. His office building had many floors. He worked on the fifth floor. Mike parked his car in his reserved parking spot and walked into the office building. He entered the elevator and ran into one of his co-workers named Eric.

26. A Day at the Office (B)