26. A Day at the Office (B)

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Eric: Top of the morning, Mikey!

Mike: Hello, Eric. Good morning. How goes it?

Eric: Alright, alright. How was the drive this morning?

Mike: It was good. Not too much traffic.

Eric: That's good to hear. Hey, did you hear about what happened to Bob?

Mike: No, what happened to him?

Eric: I heard he got fired last week. That's why no one's seen him around the office anymore.

Mike: Are you sure about this? You shouldn't always believe what you hear.

Eric: What other explanation could there be? He's been absent since last Wednesday.

Mike: Maybe he's on vacation.

Eric: I hope you're right. Bob's a nice guy.

(The elevator stops, and its door opens. Suzan, another one of Mike's coworkers enters the elevator.)

Suzan: Good morning, fellows.

Mike: Good morning, Suzan.

Eric: Good morning, Suzy.

Suzan: It's just another day. Am I right, guys?

Mike: Yes, you are.

Eric: I hear that.

Suzan: Have you guys seen Bob?

Mike: I think he's on vacation.

Eric: That's not what I heard.

Suzan: I hope he comes back soon. He's such a nice guy.

(The elevator reaches the fifth floor, and the door opens. Mike, Eric, and Suzan say, "See you around," to each other, and go to their respective work areas. Mike sits at his desk and turns on his computer. His office phone suddenly rings. It's Maria.)

Mike: Hello?

Maria: Mike, it's me, Maria.

Mike: Is something wrong? Why are you calling me at work?

Maria: I just wanted to tell you something.

Mike: Make it quick. I have work to do at the office.

Maria: I love you, Mike. I hope you have a nice day.

Mike: I love you too, Maria. Thank you. Have a nice day too.