27. Another Day in the Life of Mike (A)

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The morning was very warm. Once again, Mike was getting ready for work. The earliness of the morning had kept Maria in bed. Mike headed to the bathroom to take a shower while Maria continued to sleep. Fortunately for him, Maria had ironed his clothes the night before. Maria was able to sleep a little longer since she had no classes to attend today. Mike came out of the shower and began to get dressed. He grabbed his shoes from the closet and began to tie his shoes. As the clock struck seven o'clock, Mike opened the blinds in his bedroom and allowed the warm but surprisingly welcoming sunlight into the cool room.

The rays of light shone on Maria as she lay in bed sleeping. Mike still had time to make a trip to the grocery store to purchase milk and eggs for breakfast with Maria. Mike searched his drawers for his car keys to head out. Once he found them, he headed back to the bedroom to awaken Maria. By this time, she was somewhat awake.

As he sat by her side of the bed, Mike said in a soft voice, "Maria, I have enough time to get some groceries. Would you like me to make us some breakfast?" "That would be great, honey," Maria replied in a sleepy voice. "What would you like for breakfast?" he asked curiously. "Toast with scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee would be nice," she said, now more awake. "I'll be sure to pick up some eggs, milk, and bread for us. I'll return in a few minutes, dear," Mike said. "Thank you, love," Maria said, as she leaned forward to give him a kiss on the cheek. With the three items to buy in mind, Mike made his way to the car outside in the driveway.

Driving around beautiful, sunny Pasadena, Mike headed to his local grocery store. Mike parked his car under a shady tree. He got off the car and locked it. As Mike walked into the store, he felt a blast of air from the air conditioner above his head. He first picked up a shopping basket from the entrance and walked to the cold food aisle to grab a dozen white eggs. Next, Mike grabbed a loaf of sliced bread for toast. Finally, he grabbed a gallon of cold milk. With all the items in his basket, he stood in line to pay. As he approached the cashier, Mike gently placed the carton of eggs and bread down as well as placing the gallon of milk on the counter. He took out his wallet to get ready to pay. The cashier was a young lady who looked like a high school student. She finished helping the last customer before Mike.

27. Another Day in the Life of Mike (B)