27. Another Day in the Life of Mike (B)

Cashier: Good morning, sir. How are you doing today?

Mike: Good, thank you very much.

Cashier: Will this be all for you today, sir?

Mike: Yes. How much will it be?

Cashier: Your total is $7.57.

(Mike hands her eight dollars.)

Cashier: Forty-three cents is your change. Have a wonderful day! Thank you!

Mike: Thanks. You, too.

(Mike begins to place his groceries into a shopping bag. As he heads back to the car, Mike checks the time. It is already seven-twenty. Mike quickly goes to his car and it. Once he arrives home, Mike sees that Maria has gotten up and is busy preparing coffee. After breakfast, Mike is ready to leave.)

Maria: Have a wonderful day, dear!

Mike: You too, love.