28. A Visit to the Vet (A)

Mike and Maria loved their pet, Tiger the cat. He was starting to grow, and so was his personality. Tiger was a playful and curious cat. He always found something to entertain himself, whether it was a ball or a piece of string. One day Maria found him down in the basement tearing at old boxes of clothes. Tiger had torn through the clothes.

Maria had to throw away all the tattered remains of what used to be shirts. She tried reprimanding the cat for his mischief, but she loved the cat so much that she couldn't stay mad at him. She simply ran him out of the basement and told him not to do it again, hoping he would understand. Mike also came home to discover Tiger's mischief. He walked into the bedroom to find the cat tearing the bed sheets with his claws.

Mike was much less sympathetic towards punishing Tiger. "No Tiger! That's a bad cat!" he yelled at the animal and chased him out of the room. He decided to have a serious talk with Maria regarding the cat and how troublesome he had become. When he approached Maria about the issue, Maria immediately changed the topic.

"Mike, we have to take the cat to the vet," she said. When Mike asked why, Maria said it was time to give him his shots. Mike saw how concerned Maria was and forgot all about punishing Tiger. "Alright, you're right. When do you want to go?" he asked Maria. Maria said she would make an appointment right away. She grabbed her cell phone and called the vet to make an appointment.

28. A Visit to the Vet (B)