28. A Visit to the Vet (B)

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Veterinarian: Hello. Thank you for calling Pasadena Pets, your local vet. What can I do for you today?

Maria: I would like to make an appointment for this Saturday.

Veterinarian: Alright. What time would you like to set the appointment at?

Maria: Is three o'clock in the afternoon fine?

Veterinarian: Yes, that's fine. Can you please tell me the reason for your visit?

Maria: I want to give my kitten his shots.

Veterinarian: Alright. What is the name of the feline, and how old is he?

Maria: His name is Tiger. He is five months old.

Veterinarian: Alright. I have you in my system. You are all set to come in at three p.m. this upcoming Saturday.

Maria: Thank you very much.

(Four days later, Mike and Maria take Tiger to the vet at three o'clock. They go inside the examination room with a veterinarian.)

Veterinarian: Hello. How are you two today?

Mike: We're fine, thank you.

Maria: Just great.

Veterinarian: How is the little guy doing today?

(The veterinarian pets Tiger.)

Maria: He's a little afraid.

Mike: He's a friendly cat. He hasn't scratched anyone yet.

Veterinarian: That's good to hear. Before I give him his shots, I'm quickly going to examine him.

Maria: Go ahead. Here, you can take him.

(The veterinarian takes the cat from Maria's arms and puts him on the examining table. He checks his heartbeat and massages his limbs. He checks for any injuries.)

Veterinarian: Everything seems to be where it belongs. His heart rate is normal.

Maria: That's a relief.

Veterinarian: Alright. Now, I will give him the shots. Hopefully, he won't struggle.

(The Veterinarian injects the shots without any resistance from the cat.)

Veterinarian: That's a good boy. He didn't even feel the shots. You two have one brave and healthy cat!