29. "Mother-in-Law" (A)

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"Mike, Mike. Wake up!" Maria was in a panic. Today was the day when Maria's mother was coming. Maria's mother's name was Janet. Mike and Maria had overslept, and the apartment was a mess. "Mike, my mother is going to be here any minute now and look at the house!" Maria slapped Mike on the stomach to wake him up. Mike suddenly awoke and remembered what day it was.

Maria got out of bed and started to clean up the room. Mike also got out of bed and headed towards the restroom to shower. "Good idea. You shower while I get started on cleaning the apartment," Maria said out loud. Maria folded the blankets and organized the bedroom. Mike took a quick ten-minute shower, and by the time he got out, the bedroom was nice and tidy. "You take over the cleaning now; I'm going to shower," Maria said to Mike as she ran into the restroom. Mike went into the living room, and was shocked to discover how dirty it was.

There were plates on the coffee table, clothes on the floor, and the carpet was littered with crumbs. Mike picked up the plates and took them to the kitchen sink. The kitchen was also messy. He went back into the living room and picked up all the clothes from the floor. He quickly tossed the clothes into the dirty hamper that was in the basement. Mike went into the bedroom to get the vacuum. Maria was already changing into her clothes. "Maria, have you seen the vacuum around?" he asked her. "Yes, it's in the closet," she answered while putting on her pants.

Mike grabbed the vacuum and took it to the living room. He connected the vacuum to a power outlet, and began vacuuming the living room carpet. Meanwhile, Maria went into the kitchen to wash the dishes and sweep the floor. There were a lot of dishes in the sink. Fortunately, Maria was a fast dish washer. Mike finished cleaning the living room and went inside the kitchen to help. The two finished in less than ten minutes. All that was left to clean was the bathroom. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It was Janet. Mike told Maria to go clean the restroom while he answered the door. Mike opened the front door and cracked a wide smile.

29. "Mother-in-Law" (B)