54. Car Troubles (A)

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Mike's car had been his pride and joy from the moment he bought it, shiny and new off the lot. It took him everywhere he needed to be and never failed to do so. It was a nice, black car with four doors, leather seats, and a stick shift for changing gears. Mike was cautious about who he allowed to drive his car. In fact, he hardly let his own fiancée, Maria, drive it.

One day, as Mike was lounging in the living room, Maria asked to borrow his car. "Mike, I need to use your car because mine is out of gas, she asked, sweetly. Mike, cautious as he was, was reluctant to lend out his car. He questioned Maria in hopes that she would take back her request. "Your car has absolutely no gas?" he said, sounding mildly irritated. Maria assured him that the car had completely run out of gas, and that she needed to go buy a gallon of gas from the gas station.

Mike thought for a few seconds and proposed an alternative solution to his soon-to-be wife. "Why don't I just go to the station to buy the gas, saving you the trouble of going yourself?" he said. Maria did not mind this solution and was happy to let her soon-to-be husband go to the gas station for her. She thanked Mike and kissed him goodbye before he stepped out the door. "Drive safely, Mike," she said from the door as he got inside his car. "You know I always do, honey," he cheerfully replied with a smirk showing his confidence.

Mike pulled out of the driveway and made his way to the gas station. He returned thirty minutes later with the gas can in hand. On the drive back, Mike had noticed a noise he'd never heard his car make before. Out of concern, he decided to take the car to his mechanic that afternoon. "Maria, I'll be back. I'm going to the mechanic to see what's wrong with my car," he said after handing her the can of gas. Maria, knowing how much Mike loved his car, tried to console him.

54. Car Troubles (B)