55. Maria's New Hobby (A)


Mike had many hobbies. He enjoyed exercising, reading, driving, and watching sports. Maria on the other hand, often would get bored at home when she was not at college. One day, as she was thinking of what to do at home she decided to acquire a hobby. Maria thought long and hard about different hobbies, wondering which one she should take up.

She pictured herself playing tennis on a sunny afternoon. Then she pictured herself getting hit by the ball. She imagined herself jet skiing by the shore. Then she pictured herself getting eaten by a shark. After much contemplation she decided on a hobby, one that didn't put her in harm's way. She walked into the living room where Mike was reading a magazine. Happy and excited she shared with her soon-to-be-husband news of her new aspiration.

"Mike, guess what?" she asked with a smile. Mike looked up at Maria, and saw how excited she was to share something. He smiled back and asked, "You're pregnant?" Maria's smile left her face immediately, and was replaced with a look of displeased surprise on hearing his reply. "No, you dummy!" Maria said out loud. Mike felt embarrass and quickly apologized. He asked her what the real news was. "I'm going to learn how to play the piano," she said with glee. "That's great dear," Mike said sincerely.

Maria decided to go to buy a piano soon after. She hopped into her car and drove to the nearest music shop in town, looking forward to making the purchase. She arrived and entered the music shop that was filled with musicians testing out instruments. Maria looked for the piano section. The music shop was quite large, and so Maria had a difficult time finding the right section. An employee by the name of Gus spotted Maria wandering around looking lost. He approached her and tried to help.


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