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    Welcome to this free English as a Second Language website, a starting point for ESL / EFL learners who want to study English through the Web. The site is updated constantly. It refers you to hundreds of other high-quality, free English learning sites and resources. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated. With your help, it can continue to be a site that you and others enjoy visiting.

For Beginners

> Easy Conversations -- 250 Conversations on 14 Topics + Audio
> Speaking Is Easy -- Choose your topic to practice speaking
> English for Children (1) -- 100 short stories, simple present tense, + Audio & Exercises
> English for Children (2) -- 125 Short Stories + Audio & Exercises
> Children English: Start Reading -- Interesting content for children, simple present tense
> English Level 1 -- Simple present tense, 50-word intersting essays written for English beginners
> English Level 2 -- 100-word interesting essays written for English beginners
> English Level 3 -- Short essays written for English beginners
> Super Easy Reading -- 100 short stories, simple present tense, + Audio & Exercises
> Easy Reading (1) -- 200 Short Stories + Audio & Exercises
> Easy Reading (2) -- 200 Short Stories + Audio & Exercises
> Easy Grammar Exercises -- 27 Sets of Easy Grammar Exercises on 9 Grammar Forms
> Jumbled-Sentence Exercises -- 200 Exercises with 1,000 Sentences

For Intermediate Learners

> English Conversations -- More than 1,500 conversations on 25 topics + audio
> Speak English Fast -- New conversations on various topics for you to practice speaking
> Understanding American Culture and Customs -- Excellent free ESL online reading materials
> A Young Couple's Life in the USA -- A novel written for English learners to understand various aspects of American life
> English for ESL/EFL Intermediate Learners (1) -- 265 Short Stories + Audio & Exercises

> English for ESL/EFL Intermediate Learners (2) -- 100 Short Stories + Audio & Exercises + 53 Extra Stories
> America Is Great -- 100 Essays for ESL students to practice reading and learn about America
> This Is America -- Mini-novels for English Learners -- Mininovels that reflect current American life
> The 100 American People You Should Know -- 100 short essays on 100 well-known American people

> Grammar Exercises -- 112 Sets of High-Quality Grammar Exercises on 17 Grammar Forms
> Sentence Structure Writing Practice -- 25 Sets of Sentence-Writing Exercises on 15 Grammar Forms
> Online Dictation Exercises -- 200 Dictation Exercises to Practice Writing 2,000 Sentences
> Pronouncing Dictionary of Proper Nouns -- 100 most popular last names, first names, and nicknames with audio

For ESL/EFL Instructors

> Shaping the Way We Teach English -- a teacher-training course consisting of fourteen video-based modules
> ESL/EFL Jobs -- Current EFL teaching positions from schools of different countries, freely posted
> ESL Lesson Plans -- A top ranked page with links to all good ESL lesson plans and activities

Popular ESL Sites

> ESL Fast A huge free online English learning resource.
> American Songs Improving English through learning American traditional songs.
> English Baby A new lesson from each day, including conversations with audio.
> Practice Free Writing with Robot "English Tutor" An interesting way for ESL students to improve writing skills.
> GOOGLE Translation Instant translation, the best online translation you can ever find.
> Special English From Voice of America, listening and reading at the same time.

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